“All began as a two friends initiative that has been growing, but the engine that puss Tyris still present today: our determination to create the craft beer that Valencia deserves.”

Tyris is the result of a two-entrepreneur trip around Europe, that went tasting as many craft beers as they could. When they back to Spain, something exceptional happened between them: they had not finished a beer, missing the flavor of the ones they tried around Europe. Cause of that, they decide to set up they idea: create their own brewery.

Today Tyris it’s in to more than 8 countries, with a production capacity of 1.500.000 liters per year and an increasing turnover. The evolution of this project won’t been explained with our its creators, Gonzalo Abia and Dani Vara and their passion for craft beer and their city, Valencia.


This is beer: water, malt, hop and yeast. No more. From the beginning we want that everybody know how beer it’s made, that’s why we don’t stop inviting you to our brewery to know the process. And off course, drink together.