Our craft beers

Blonde Ale

Tyris Original

Desde 18,00

Märzen Lager

Tyris Märzen

Desde 20,40

Brown Ale

Paquita Brown

Out of stock

Session Indian Pale Ale



Indian Pale Ale

Tyris IPA

Desde 20,40

American Indian Pale Ale

Amor Amargo


Wheat Beer

Tyris Trigo

Desde 20,40

Pumkpin Ale

Tyris Pumnkpin


We are the first brand of craft beer in Valencia. A fresh around the corner beer. In a few words, a real beer, no preservatives nor additives, just water, malt, hops and yeast. Our production capacity its of 1.500.000 of liters and we distribute up to 300 pubs and restaurants, as well as big distribution. TASTE US!

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Craft & Creative

To hop fans, for the most classics, stragglers, brave one’s o moderns. If you’re not be content with the same old thing, there is a Tyris beer for you! Taste them!

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No pasteurized, no preservatives nor additives, just water, malt, hop and yeast.

We only use natural ingredients and we do recover y reused a big part of the energy used in the process. We like to contribute to look after our social environment.

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